Why Automatic And Robotic Pool Cleaners Are Popular?

Installing a pool in your backyard is definitely a great step especially if you have a hot summer and children and are in love with backyard barbecue pool parties. After the pool parties, there is usually the problem of debris, dirt, food particles and all other kinds of dirt. These can be discouraging to the pool owner. Pools also collect debris, insects, bird poop, leaves and plant material not to mention algae when not in use. Most pool owners do not have time to clean the pools themselves and prefer to call on the services of a pool cleaner. Others who are challenged financially or want to save money will simply look to one of the different types of pool cleaners. The two most popular pool cleaners are the automatic pool cleaners and the robotic pool cleaners. Of the two the automatic one seems to hold the sway. In the market today, there are many different types and brands of automatic pool cleaners namely Polaris Pool cleaners (most popular), Dolphin Pool Cleaners, and Tiger Shark Pool Cleaners. They each cost different and have different installation guides.

The automatic pool cleaner is a device that looks something like a the regular vacuum cleaner. It slowly sits at the bottom of the pool collecting dirt, leaves, rocks, small insects and anything that has been dropped at inside the pool. It seemed to move at random but did keep a good job of keeping debris off of the pools bottom. The automatic pool cleaner is powdered by a stop, start button that works much in the same way as the regular home vacuum cleaner works. The automatic pool cleaner works significantly well especially when it comes to scooping up bugs and insects which when they fall into the pool and sink to the bottom.

A variant of the automatic pool cleaner is the robotic pool cleaner. This device was developed to pick up where the automatic cleaner fails. Robotic pool cleaners can work from the  bottom of the pool all the way up to the water surface. The Robotic pool cleaner does not necessarily use the suction system. It also does not keep your skimmer occupied. Some robotic cleaners even come with remote controls. This is handy because it runs on its own and can scoop dirt in hard to reach nether places especially at the bottom of the pool.

Automatic Pool Cleaners are popular because it cleans  both the surface and the floor of the pool. This saves money because without the automatic pool cleaner, pool owners would have to hire the services of a pool cleaner. These are small companies that come out to your pool and do the cleaning for you using their own cleaning equipment.

One drawback of automatic pool cleaners is that they are rather noisy. The relief with this is that the noise of the motor is really under water. This can get disturbing for those who swim under water.

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