How to Install an Above Ground Pool Cover?

How to Install an Above Ground Pool Cover

Pool covers are utilized in the winter time as a way to put the pool in hibernation while the water is too cold for swimming. Above ground pool covers consist of tarp which is shaped like the pool itself, wrapping over the pool with ties and grommets. Before applying an above ground pool cover, users must make sure that their pool has been fully winterized (i.e. clean the water and add appropriate chemicals). If winterizing is not complete, you will have to go through the hassle of removing the cover. Consider buying an air pillow to be placed in the center of the water to hold up the cover.

1. Apply the Pool Cover:

Open up the pool cover and spread it across the top of the pool. These covers come in sizes that are slightly larger than the size of your pool. This allows the edges to overlap so that they can be tied down even as the center of the cover sags in the water. The key to this step is to make sure that the cover is centered and that there is an equal amount of extra material around the edge.

2. Leaf Nets:

Some people like to place a leaf net over their swimming pool covers after they has been installed. Leaf nets for pools are designed to capture all leaves that fall onto the pool cover so that they can be easily removed. The leaf net is pulled off the cover periodically so that the leaves can be disposed of. This not only helps with leaf collection but lengthens the life of the pool. Only use a pool cover leaf net when the pool cover is currently installed.

3. Securing the Pool Cover:

Thread the included cable through the grommets (reinforced holes) along the edge of the pool cover. Go all the way around the cover until you come back to the spot you started from. If your cover came with a winch, use the winch to tighten down the cable around the sides of the pool.

4. Wind Protection:

The wind can easily damage an above ground pool cover. If you live in a windy area, consider using some extra accessories to protect the cover. One such accessory is the pool cover water bag. Water bags are placed on top of the pool cover to weight it down. They have grommets on them which are used to secure them to the pool cover’s cable. An alternative is to use edge clips which secure the cover along the edges of the pool.

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