Hot Tub Cover Care and Replacement

Hot Tub Cover Care

At $300-$400, hot tub covers are a considerable but necessary investment. While these covers re designed to take nature’s beating, they should not be neglected. There are many things you can do to protect your cover and extend its lifespan. However, if your cover is beyond repair, you can measure for a replacement. We show you how to do both below.

Measuring for a New Hot Tub Cover:

When an old hot tub cover wears out, owners must obtain measurements before seeking a new one. Without taking measurements, you could easily buy a cover which is too large or small. To start, make sure that your old cover is currently covering the hot tub and it in place correctly. Next, take a measuring tape and measure the distance across the middle seam. Then, measure across the cover in the other direction, taking the measurement in the center of the cover. Write both of these measurements down.

If you have a hot tub which is square or rectangular in shape, you will also need to determine the radius of the corners. You can do this by placing the end of your measuring tape at the imaginary point where the corner would be, laying it up against the edge of the cover. Then, measure the distance between the imaginary point and the point where the curve begins. You have now obtained the corner radius. Use these measurements to find the perfect replacement for your hot tub cover. Hot tub accessories like covers have dimensions which can be compared with your own.

Protecting Your Cover:

Upon purchasing a new cover, apply some UV protector to the top surface. This protector comes in spray form and is designed to prevent fading and degradation caused by UV light rays. Look for UVA or UVB vinyl protectors. Another tip is to avoid having excess bromine levels in the water. Excess bromine can create gasses which peel the underside of the hot tub cover.

If you do a weekly shock treatment, be sure to leave the cover off for about 20 minutes while running a jet cycle (Again, to allow gasses to escape). Holes in the cover can be repaired with a vinyl repair kit. Rips and tears need immediate repair to prevent water and dirt from entering the cover. And finally, remove, flip and replace the foam cores inside the cover every year. This helps prevent sagging in the hot tub cover.

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