5 Essential Pool Accessories You Must Have

Automatic Pool Cleaners:

Five Essential Pool Accessories You Must Have

Even if your pool is equipped with a filtration system, having an automatic pool cleaner is still highly recommended. Filtration systems are not very effective at eliminating sand, dirt, algae and other debris which collects on the pool floor, walls and stairs. That’s where the power of an auto pool cleaner comes in. These cleaners hook up to the intake port of your pool and have a vibrating nozzle which travels around the pool floor like a snake. The cleaning head sucks up all sorts of debris, even leaves. The randomized pattern of these cleaners allows them to cover the entire pool surface if left on for long enough time. The suction power of the cleaning head allows the unit to climb walls and stairs with ease. If you have an in-ground pool, chances are your pool is compatible with most cleaners.

Pool Chemicals:

Pool Chemicals


Pool accessories like chlorine may keep you running back to the store frequently, but are vital in overall pool health. While everybody knows that chlorine serves to kill bacteria and algae in the pool, several other types of chemicals exist for pool maintenance. Preventative and corrective maintenance chemicals like sanitizers, oxidizers, algaecides, balancers, and shock treatments can all be needed at some point in the life of your pool.

Pool Heaters:

Pool Heaters


Heaters which are integrated into your pool’s pump system can do wonders for improving the quality of swimming during the cold season. When most people winterize their pool, you can keep swimming all winter long. If you are building a pool for the first time, it may be prudent to pick a pump setup which includes a heater, especially if you live in a cold climate. While heaters are not required swimming pool accessories, they can increase pool quality tenfold.

Pool Filters:

Pool Filters


Pump filtration systems require filters in order to remove particulate from the water. Cartridge filters are widely considered to be the best filters available, and many of them do not need to be replaced. Other filtration systems that use Diatomaceous Earth and silica sand are still popular but can require additional maintenance needs. Filters are essential pool accessories that should never be neglected.

Pool Covers:

Pool Covers


When a pool is not in use for an extended period of time, a pool cover can be placed over the water to prevent it from collecting debris. In the winter time, most pool owners “winterize” their pools by placing a heavy duty cover over it. The cover is not removed until the spring/summer season when the temperature warm up. Retractable and solar pool covers make up some of the more elaborate ones available.

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