Tips on Cleaning Outdoor Pavers and Pool Tiles for Hotels: Acid Washing

Tips on Cleaning Outdoor Pavers

Outdoor features and swimming pools are often the center of many activities in hotels and resorts. Keeping those areas properly maintained and looking their best, is of the utmost importance for top maintenance managers. It is often the swimming pool and relaxation area that keeps hotel guests, and multi-residential serviced apartment clients, coming back. Outdoor and indoor water and paving features provide soothing ambiance and conditions for the relaxation and happiness of your guests. With all of these advantages, it’s so important to keep pools, spas, waterfalls, water features and the surround tiles and outdoor pavers maintained.

  • Special Conditions: Because of the nature of swimming pools and other water features, pavers and tiles will look unsightly faster than any other area. Water leads to rapid build up of calcium and algae. Calcium deposits are scaly and crusty and can be very difficult to remove. Algae look particularly dirty to any guest eye, and if allowed to build up over any period of time, it can be particularly difficult to remove, especially with the gaps between the tiles. Proper management for these conditions is of the utmost importance.
  • Acid Wash: Acid washing is the most effective way to remove unsightly calcium, rust and algae from your swimming pool, spa, water features and surrounding areas. Normal cleaning techniques, even with a large amount of scrubbing, will not get the job done properly. Excessive scrubbing can also damage the surfaces of tiles and pavers. A more targeted strategy is needed. Water blasting can actually displace your tiles and pavers if used too much. Acid washing, if done correctly, is almost like getting a gentle skin peel for your tiles and outdoor pavers. Even the oldest swimming pools and surrounding areas can be brought back to their original beauty.
  • Repair: Some amount of repair will be needed after several acid wash treatments. These treatments should be used in conjunction with other professional paving cleaning technologies. If we regularly manage and treat our surfaces with the right chemicals, we can reduce the amount of calcium and algae deposits. Acid washing should be a long-term strategy to compliment your regular high-powered water and normal chemical cleaning maintenance. It is only when we let a situation get out of control we do the most damage.
  • Sealing: Proper sealing and preventative maintenance is necessary after each acid wash. Acid washing will peel back the surface at a microscopic level. Without properly sealing the surface after your acid wash, you will find the trouble will come back faster and worse than ever before.

All the best hotels use this professional technique to maintain their outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas. Investment is relatively minimal, especially if you regularly maintain.

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